Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Desert Run 2017

As last year, the end of February is time for a Desert run.
This time, Forest Runs is providing the map and courses for a Cascade Orienteering Club Ultimate Orienteer series event.

Please mark your calendars, 25th and 26th, Vantage, WA.

It is a two day event: Day 1 is middle, Day 2 is long.

Please pre-register and have a safe race!

COC ran an excellent race!
See route gadget and route gadget for routes and results.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Results! Results! Results! Labor day weekend 2-day 2016

Thanks to all participants! Thanks to all volunteers! Thanks to all partners!

Day 1:
Courses by Ott Toomet and Pēteris Lediņš
Attackpoint, Winsplits.
Route gadget (new) and Route gadget (old) (thank you, Jan!)

Day 2:
Courses by Will Enger and Pēteris Lediņš
Route gadget (new) or Route gadget (old) (thank you, Jan!)

Behind the scenes:
Control pickup: John Harbuck, Ott Toomet, Gabe Svabodny
First aid: Tomas Vaisar, Debbie Newell
Start: Ing Uhlin
Registration: Rick Breseman
Parking: Dave Tallent
Cutting control descriptions, preparing flags: Gunta & Dace.

Top4 results and thus lucky owners of ~10 Gotina candies:
1. Graeme, 1944
2. Adam, 1917
3. John Harbuck, 1900
4. Celia 1756

Nikolay had 1737 points.

Icebug shoes will be owned by Eric and David.
WOC 2018 shirts - Graeme, Stanley and Jourdan.

Gnarly refreshments were enjoyed by everyone - thank you!
Kirkland Minuteman prepared the high quality maps - thank you!

Some pictures from Day1 and Day2 are available here - Forest Runs photo feed. If you have some more, please let us know - we would like to link them here.

I had to disable comments on this post for some bots were posting irrelevancies here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

GPS tracks of fieldwork for the 2nd day of the upcoming race

We thought it might be interesting to share this picture to show how the map has been covered by fieldwork before the race.
Have you registered?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Some more fieldwork

Ott and I spent a day more at Teanaway. Still not done...
Here are 2 pictures! Yes, that is Mt Rainier there.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Jungle Creek race teaser pictures!

Here are some pictures from Jungle Creek vicinity, D2 map. (Pictures by Murray, Will, Ott and Peteris). Some of the big rock features will be available for consumption for those on 6k or longer courses. The price will be a bit of additional climb.

And, just in case you want to see them in nature, the map and a course will be provided on Labor day weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jungle Creek - 2 day Orienteering near Cle Elum

Jungle Creek 2-day will happen in Teanaway Community Forest on Sep. 3 and Sep. 4, 2016.

Courses, maps, schedule

There will be classic distance courses on Saturday and long distance courses on Sunday. Both days will be new maps. Sunday new map's latest public version is available here. Saturday map is developed in secret. General location of the race: here (gmap-pedometer). Parking location in campground, shown here here (google maps).


Early arrival camping.


Registration is close to start, but some way away from parking. Follow signs from parking.
Map: 1:7500
6k: 6.1km, 285m, 25c (4.7% elevation)
5k: 5.0km, 240m, 22c (4.8%)
4k: 4.0km, 205m, 17c (5.1%)
3k: 3.0km, 150m, 12c (5%)

Course complexity is similar to all of the courses. Will Enger has pre-run a comparable modified 6k course at 1h25, with some interruptions. We expect that his race time for final version of the course would be 1h10.

11:00 registration open
12:00 start open
14:00 start closed
17:00 finish closed
19:39 sunset


Start and finish are ~550 meters from registration/results. Please plan to be at registration at least 15 minutes before your start time.
Map: 1:10000.
10k: 10.0km, 475m, 27c (4.75% elevation)
8k: 7.9km, 315m, 23c, (4%)
6k: 5.9km, 210m, 16c, (3.6%)
4k: 4.0km, 145m, 13c (3.6%)

6:28 sunrise
8:00 start open
10:00 start closed
13:00 finish closed

Eric Bone has done a similar 9.4 km course on the map at 1h44m. Based on that we estimate his comparable time to be 1:55. Note the 3 hour time limit and please choose your course accordingly.
Course complexity is similar for all courses with 10k course going more uphill.

Special symbols, vegetation, data

Green cross: rootstock.
Green circle: very special tree, large stump/snag.
Green filled circle: small bush or pile of forestry debris.

Ugly undergrowth (happens sometimes) - in some cases salal (or similar) is obstructing the way. When it is nearly impossible to cross - the greenest color is used. Undergrowth symbols are used when salal is close, or when need to run around salal. Usually navigation around is possible.

Ride symbol is used for various older roads that are sometimes overgrown and sometimes hard to follow.

The original altitude data is very precise LIDAR from Puget Sound Lidar Consortium. Always trust the contours!

Suggestions on running the courses

Count your steps. Don't lose contact to the map. Especially true for D1.

Rankings & winners

Winning a course will earn 1000 points.
Given winning time W, your time T, you will earn max(0, 1000*(1-(T-W)/W)) points. If tied by points, total race kilometers are compared with longer ending up higher. If still tied, then Day 1 start time is compared and early start wins. 
The TOP 4 results for points over 2 days will get Gotina candy prizes.


The event is sponsored by Icebug USA, providing prizes for a drawing.
The event is also sponsored by Gnarly, providing hydration before and after the runs.


Please say thanks to our volunteers when you see them:
Ott, Ing, Debbie, Dave Tallent, Rick, John, Tomas, Jan.
And also: Don, Gabe, Pat, Will, Eric, Murray for contributing to fieldwork in one way or another.


Registration is closed now, but in case you really-really want to run and have not registered, please contact Forest Runs LLC somehow.

Race flow

Arrive at least half an hour before your start time. Go to registration, sign waivers, get a bib and safety pins. Go to start when close to your start time (start list is at the end of this document). Run! Finish! See your splits. Stick around for finishers and cheer them up as they run into the finish.

Mandatory gear

  • A WHISTLE is mandatory safety equipment; please take several with you, in case someone else is missing one. 
  • SI sticks will be needed - if you have marked that you don't have one - we will provide rentals.
  • BIBS - all racers must wear visible numbers. You will get your number exchanging it to a signed waiver. You will be given map if your number is visible.
  • WATCH - if you feel like you might be pushing the 3 hour time limit, please take a watch. You must be back after 3 hours. If you are not, emergency protocol is started.
  • DISCOVER PASS for parking - If you don't have Discover pass, you can acquire it on your way to race location: In Cle Elum and Ellensburg:

Suggested gear

A hat, sunscreen and anti-insect equipment might be a good idea.


This is orienteering with all its dangers in wild. Racers will sign an OUSA approved waiver and a DNR waiver. Note that there are 4 waivers to sign - 2 for each day.
Some of the significant dangers:

  1. Areas are open to other uses - and there will be many people in the area for Labor day weekend.
  2. There is barbed wire and other evidence of human life events on both maps.
  3. There are some deer on both maps, apparently there exists a bear somewhere near Teanaway.
  4. There are some cows on each of the maps. Please be respectful to these milk giving creatures.
  5. The archer hunting season starts on September 1. Please wear orange. 
  6. There is some electric fence on Day2 map. If you are by the fence, you are way off-course. Please be careful, do not cross it.
  7. Terrain is steep in places. We strongly suggest spiked O' shoes. Part of mapping was done in Icebugs. It worked well.
  8. Wasps! There are bunch of them. Especially in campground when something is being eaten.
Safety is a major concern. The best solution - don't let issues happen. We will have first aid qualified people on sight. However, any serious problems will be routed through 911 - and it takes 5 minutes to get into coverage and then likely quite more for them to come. Please don't let issues happen and if there is someone in distress - please help them. Once serious issues happen, the race is over.


  • Safety first
  • General O' meet rules
  • You may orienteer as a group, but you must leave start and finish together. Keep together the whole race.
  • 3-hour time to finish. At most 5 hours till search party is sent after you. We will inform 911 at that time.
  • When you cross 3h time, please come back at once. Checkpoints may be removed at that time already.
  • There will be no CHECK control; only CLEAR and START. You must CLEAR before START and HEAR START BEEP.
  • Pack-in/pack-out. Please do not create mess.


  • Will start on time
  • Homebrew OC quality maps (D1 map will be higher quality, D2 will be more generalized), ask previous users.
  • There will be water at finish and on course.
  • Route gadget after race by Tuesday night.
  • Results published by Tuesday night.
  • Start times will be published by 1st of September
  • Maps will be bagged or on waterproof paper.
  • There will be water on courses


Here. Nights are not terribly warm. Likely the races will not be hot either.

Parking&directions to start

Parking for both days will be inside 29 Pines campground. It is first come-first serve based camping. We will try to occupy some spots on Friday. We are allowed to have up to 2 cars parked in each camping spot. There will be a parking volunteer. Please arrive early.
Discover pass is necessary for all cars. NO PARKING ON ROAD.

R1 - registration for Day 1. R2 - registration for Day 2. The dashed purple line follows route to the start area. It will be marked by streamers and may differ. The crossing on road will have a sign "pedestrians on road" or similar, but you need to pay attention - different cars are using the road.


29 Pines campground is the natural choice, but it is first come-first serve basis. Especially on Labor day weekend. There is another free campground closer to Cle Elum, and some hotels in there. We suggest you arrive early on Friday and occupy a campsite. We will use campground as a parking location, but it will not be reserved parking and we will have to use campsites, so an orienteer-occupied campsite will be very useful for the purpose.
No campfires are allowed due to a burn ban!

Start list Day 1

Runner Club Distance
Nikolay Nachev COC 6k 11:56
Safder Raza GVOC 6k 11:59
Debbie Newell COC 5k 12:02
John Harbuck EWOC 4k 12:05
Gunta Ledina FRR 3k 12:08
Peter Golde COC 6k 12:11
Jan Urban COC 4k 12:14
Caroline Sandbo COC 6k 12:17
Barry Teschlog COC 4k 12:20
Julie Pohl CROC 3k 12:23
Graeme Rennie GVOC 6k 12:29
David Rogers CROC 4k 12:32
Sherri Brady & Benjamin Brady COC 6k 12:35
Susan Luedeke COC 4k 12:38
David Vaisar COC 6k 12:41
Robyn Rennie GVOC 4k 12:44
Kean Williams COC 6k 12:47
John Rance GVOC 4k 12:50
Joanne Woods GVOC 5k 12:53
Celia Schofield COC 4k 12:56
Adam Woods GVOC 6k 13:02
Kate Knapp GVOC 5k 13:05
Stanley Woods GVOC 5k 13:11
Rick Breseman COC 6k 13:14
Eric Sandbo COC 4k 13:17
Tobi Gardner VICO 5k 13:20
Mathew Hibler COC 6k 13:23
David Tallent COC 4k 13:26
Ken Wenzel CROC 6k 13:29
Karen Lachance GVOC 4k 13:32
Jourdan Harvey COC 6k 13:38
Tomas Vaisar COC 6k 13:41
Ing Uhlin COC 5k 13:44

Start list Day 2

Runner Club Distance
Nikolay Nachev COC 10k 7:59
Debbie Newell COC 8k 8:02
John Harbuck EWOC 6k 8:05
Ott Toomet COC 10k 8:08
Sherri Brady & Benjamin Brady COC 6k 8:11
Kate Knapp GVOC 8k 8:14
Susan Luedeke COC 6k 8:17
Jourdan Harvey COC 10k 8:23
Eric Sandbo COC 6k 8:26
Tobi Gardner VICO 10k 8:29
Jan Urban COC 6k 8:32
Julie Pohl CROC 4k 8:35
John Rance GVOC 6k 8:38
Julie Cassata COC 10k 8:41
Barry Teschlog COC 6k 8:44
Caroline Sandbo COC 10k 8:47
Karen Lachance GVOC 6k 8:50
Ken Wenzel CROC 8k 8:53
Robyn Rennie GVOC 6k 8:56
Graeme Rennie GVOC 10k 9:02
David Rogers CROC 6k 9:05
Joanne Woods GVOC 8k 9:08
Celia Schofield COC 6k 9:11
Michael Masuda Team USA Military 10k 9:14
David Vaisar COC 6k 9:17
Gunta Ledina FRR 4k 9:20
Kean Williams COC 6k 9:23
Stanley Woods GVOC 8k 9:26
Peter Grossenbach COC 10k 9:29
Rick Breseman COC 6k 9:32
Adam Woods GVOC 10k 9:38
Tomas Vaisar COC 8k 9:41
David Tallent COC 6k 9:44
Ing Uhlin COC 8k 9:47

Monday, February 29, 2016

Desert Run 2016 is done

I think I am sun-burnt; this is February 29, 2016.

Volunteers: thank you!

This event was made possible by a set of excellent volunteers:
Map work: Don, Rick, Ott
Registration: Debbie
Start: Ing, Mike
Control pickup: John (and he was not the oldest participant), Roman, Matt, Annie, Erin, Nikolay
Course pre-running: Ben L
Control waking: Murray
Photos: Atis, Susan
Route Gadget: Jan
Help with cutting description sheets, inspiration, taking care of kids while I'm gone for days and other: my lovely wife Gunta


First I want to thank Dave Bishop for suggesting the use of and then letting use his private property for part of the race. We also worked with WDFW and Bureau of Reclamation for permits and will likely work with them again.
Katie from Kirkland Minuteman press was the best printing master I have met. 
I appreciate help from Mergeo with advice on emergency plan and other organizational issues. COC and especially Bob Forgrave helped with printing and other advice. 
Think Tank Sanitation of Mattawa, WA delivered port-a-potty on Day1; Dave Bishop delivered one on Day 2.
Insurance was made possible by Orienteering USA.
Pizza was delivered and room for social made available by Westside Pizza, Quincy, WA.
The race was run by a plethora of orienteers who did not get hurt and did not cause any headache; and I am very thankful for that.


Photos & other media

I know there are some videos and more pictures out there; let me know about those and I will link them here. 

What next

See you next time! But in the meantime - COC is organizing a 2 day event this weekend.