Trail markings

For weeknight trail runs with 2 courses several types of trail markings will be used:

  1. Stake flags to show direction of a turn.
    1. Flags on left side of trail means a turn left (or go straight if no left available) in junction
    2. Flags on right side of trail means a turn right (or go straight if no right available) in junction
    3. Dark red flags mark the SHORT and LONG common route or SHORT-only route
    4. Pink red flags mark the LONG only route.
  2. Arrow markers
    1. Laminated pages with arrows will show the turn more precisely if additional information is needed.
    2. Special arrow markers will be used when courses divide:
      1. SHORT and arrow to denote where the shorter of two courses goes
      2. LONG and arrow to denote where the longer of two courses goes.
  3. Clothespin with some surveyor tape for confidence increase aka streamers.
Should there be any changes or additional notes on the marking, they will be available at the registration/results booth.

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