Monday, September 5, 2016

Results! Results! Results! Labor day weekend 2-day 2016

Thanks to all participants! Thanks to all volunteers! Thanks to all partners!

Day 1:
Courses by Ott Toomet and Pēteris Lediņš
Attackpoint, Winsplits.
Route gadget (new) and Route gadget (old) (thank you, Jan!)

Day 2:
Courses by Will Enger and Pēteris Lediņš
Route gadget (new) or Route gadget (old) (thank you, Jan!)

Behind the scenes:
Control pickup: John Harbuck, Ott Toomet, Gabe Svabodny
First aid: Tomas Vaisar, Debbie Newell
Start: Ing Uhlin
Registration: Rick Breseman
Parking: Dave Tallent
Cutting control descriptions, preparing flags: Gunta & Dace.

Top4 results and thus lucky owners of ~10 Gotina candies:
1. Graeme, 1944
2. Adam, 1917
3. John Harbuck, 1900
4. Celia 1756

Nikolay had 1737 points.

Icebug shoes will be owned by Eric and David.
WOC 2018 shirts - Graeme, Stanley and Jourdan.

Gnarly refreshments were enjoyed by everyone - thank you!
Kirkland Minuteman prepared the high quality maps - thank you!

Some pictures from Day1 and Day2 are available here - Forest Runs photo feed. If you have some more, please let us know - we would like to link them here.

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