Monday, February 29, 2016

Desert Run 2016 is done

I think I am sun-burnt; this is February 29, 2016.

Volunteers: thank you!

This event was made possible by a set of excellent volunteers:
Map work: Don, Rick, Ott
Registration: Debbie
Start: Ing, Mike
Control pickup: John (and he was not the oldest participant), Roman, Matt, Annie, Erin, Nikolay
Course pre-running: Ben L
Control waking: Murray
Photos: Atis, Susan
Route Gadget: Jan
Help with cutting description sheets, inspiration, taking care of kids while I'm gone for days and other: my lovely wife Gunta


First I want to thank Dave Bishop for suggesting the use of and then letting use his private property for part of the race. We also worked with WDFW and Bureau of Reclamation for permits and will likely work with them again.
Katie from Kirkland Minuteman press was the best printing master I have met. 
I appreciate help from Mergeo with advice on emergency plan and other organizational issues. COC and especially Bob Forgrave helped with printing and other advice. 
Think Tank Sanitation of Mattawa, WA delivered port-a-potty on Day1; Dave Bishop delivered one on Day 2.
Insurance was made possible by Orienteering USA.
Pizza was delivered and room for social made available by Westside Pizza, Quincy, WA.
The race was run by a plethora of orienteers who did not get hurt and did not cause any headache; and I am very thankful for that.


Photos & other media

I know there are some videos and more pictures out there; let me know about those and I will link them here. 

What next

See you next time! But in the meantime - COC is organizing a 2 day event this weekend.

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