Saturday, January 16, 2016

Progress with Desert Run


There is some news - we have 90% of the permits - approx. 4 CP locations are still pending permits, but they should be in the mail already.


We also now have 22 registrations!! For Day1 - 1 short course, 10 medium, 11 long. For Day2 - 1 short, 8 medium, 13 long.


We have received quite a help with making the new map - we have had some 4 fieldworkers. Thank you!
We also now have 3 volunteers for the search party - also known as the guys who will go looking for you after we conclude you are lost. Hopefully these will be very lazy positions. Finally Ing Uhlin has stepped up to be the start volunteer and will start her race the last; letting all others start before.
You can still receive a discounted entry, if you want to volunteer. The following positions are open - control pickup, setup, teardown. If you can help in other way - please let us know!

More information

Main race page - here. And a picture by Don Atkinson from fieldwork here:
See you on Feb27/28!

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