Thursday, September 3, 2015

St Edward results & re-cap

Here are the results!


The most interesting legs of the race are 33-34, also known as the hill and leg 35-Finish. 
The hill leg correlates well with overall results except for Rosemary and Julie who were faster in this leg than Debbie and Sandis, who were both faster overall. Zach from short course takes the 4th place in these splits.
The finish is another game! Here Atis and Sandis ended close together forcing each other to do their best, resulting in 1:04 split for Sandis and 1:06 for Atis which matched 1:06 by the overall winner of the long.
The full results do not reflect the race in the womens' field very well. Debbie won it by 4 minutes: congratulations!
What regards long course winner Janis splits - they are somewhat stable, but there are also three splits where he does not take the first place.


The weather co-operated. Promised rain all day yet it delivered none till after the course setup. The courses were impacted by the storm just a little bit. 
The courses were quite hard yet the runners enjoyed them.
All people finished with full courses - we blame improved checkpoint and trail markings. Of course, there were quite many repeat forestrunners - out of 10 participants 5 had done a Forest Run before.
Thank you and see you in Redmond Watershed!


Murray helped a lot with picking up courses; Lisa and Gunta helped with tear down of the tents; Vija watched them while course was being set. Thank you!

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