Sunday, September 6, 2015

Final race of the season - Redmond Watershed, Sep 10

The Redmond watershed race is very close. Race page is here. Note that the start is open 4:00pm to 6:30pm. Weather is promised to be excellent.


The courses have very little elevation and will very fast. We expect a 24 minute or so winning time for the long 5668m course; it will be a fast time for the short course of 3215m as well.


There have been some sightings of bears in Redmond Watershed park. In case that happens, suggests: "If Redmond residents encounter the bear, they can avoid an attack by remaining at a distance, creating loud noise, making themselves look as big as possible by spreading their arms, removing food items that may have initially attracted it to the area, and standing still if a bear does charge."
It is quite unlikely you will get to see one though.

What after this?

This is the last race of the pilot season. We will continue next summer - likely May to September season; more precise information will be available later.
See you on the trails!

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