Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Final notes for tomorrow

This might be the last post before results; we are ready to go.


The long course goes down, level, up, level, down, up, level. The short - down, level, up, level. The last up will be hard. If you can run-run it, you will most likely be close to top in results.
The course will be slippery on the downhills. Small-spike shoes might be useful.
Other people will be on course; please respect them.
Start will be open from 3pm to 6:45pm. Finish open till 7:30pm.


Current forecast is some rain. 0.2 inches total tomorrow in Kirkland. We will have 2 tents.


Discover pass needed! Once parked - look for the white tents. Start and finish are not at the tents.

Day-of registration

11$. But please take your time to come - you will need to fill/sign registration and waiver.

Special thanks

To rangers of the park - without their chainsaw skills the course would be usable for some other type of race, not a run.

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