Sunday, August 30, 2015

St. Edward State park (and other) updates

This has been quite a busy weekend:
  1. We went to St. Edward State Park to look at wind damage after Saturday's storm.
    1. Northern part of the course is very OK.
    2. Southern Ridge trail has suffered at its lower end a lot
      1. Rangers are doing their job there, but they have their hands full with the whole park
      2. We will assess it in full on Monday and make some improvements where needed
      3. Likely we will have to return on Wednesday for more
  2. We have finished the trail markings for the Thursday race - quite a few new, mostly to improve the communication about an upcoming checkpoint.
  3. We also went to Redmond Watershed.
    1. We finished measuring the courses.
      1. It is likely we will have to shorten them. As drawn the short course is around 5k which is too much for our standard.
    2. No real wind damage observed there.
Finally, a teaser from previous race (by Atis Barzdins):

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