Monday, August 31, 2015

St. Edward race is this Thursday!

Course notes

The forest has suffered some wind damage, but the trails have been almost fully cleared. There are some trees still down, but you can certainly go either over or under them. The race is on!
The course is somewhat simple in terms of junctions and turns, but has one large climb for short course; two large climbs for long course. It is likely some hiking will happen there.
The start is in a different location than the finish. See the map.
Finally, there is one location where course will go around some wind debris, please do not shortcut - it is for your safety.
Short course is 3300m, long course is 5924, not accounting detour around the debris.


We are changing the course markings a bit:
  1. The orange flags will denote the long course.
  2. Red flags - the short course only where it does not match the long course. For a very short distance.
  3. Checkpoints will have a preceding exclamation mark (!) sign some 20-30 feet before them.
    1. Some CPs were missed last time.
  4. Start and finish will not have a sign on them, but instead by them.
We are also improving the registration - instead of one clipboard, there will be three. 
It is unclear whether we will have a demonstration course. It is likely we will have a very small one.
For fastest experience we suggest printing and signing the waiver before you arrive.
We will likely have punch box per stand - this way they will be awake after the first runner. 


Map is exported at 300dpi for 1:10000 scale. This is the working copy with all markings.


The registration is available here.

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