Thursday, August 27, 2015

Results for Bridle trails


Results are here! Let us know if there is some mixup with names or times.
In short course Breseman family dominated. In long course Jourdan was fastest by quite a lot, taking all legs first. Mark Plesko was near, but missed a checkpoint.
We took the freedom of moving Paul and Janis to short course - because they got to all controls although taking some long side steps. Some photos will be shared through here likely tomorrow.

How it went

Weather was really nice; a bit warm. 
Technically - course was ready around 2pm or so; some small software glitches, but everything else went as planned. 
Volunteers: Gunta helped with course setup; Atis helped with photos and taking tent etc. down; Murray picked up the controls and basically enabled the results be published before 10 pm. Paula helped with reconstructing the course after some disturbances - there were some issues with random people picking up some markings. If you see a marking in the bushes, let us know - we will pick them up.


We will add some additional flagging around checkpoints to make them more visible. Likely green flags.

What next?

St Edward State Park! Sep. 3, Thursday.

Thank you!

We very much appreciate you all being at the first Forest Run. We hope you liked to Run a Forest Run! 
We are looking for any feedback; leave a message here in comments; send email; post on facebook.

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