Friday, June 5, 2015

This is how we roll

What will we do

Back home in Europe there exists a certain set of competitions for running in forests in evenings. Good time measurement for everyone, but a time window for starts. There is nothing similar here of a large scale. We will try to create this market in Greater Seattle.


This year we are trying to put on 3 of these open-window races; gather feedback; get understanding whether the market actually exists here as hoped for. If that works - more races to come next year.


We are currently looking for late August/September time-frame. However, park permitting is a potential blocker.


Domain name is secured; LLC registration is in progress.

Will you run it?

The target audience should be pretty much everyone who has some time to run from 3pm to dusk. We hope to keep the price of this small, comparable to a lunch. 

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