Monday, June 29, 2015

Registration open!

Achievement unlocked: race page/registration is open for the first race of Forest Runs: HERE.

On the price of weeknight runs for 2015

  • We want the price of the weeknight races be not the blocking factor for an entry. 
  • We understand that the concept of open start window is new for trail running.
  • We also have some expenses.
  • Therefore the price is set to be 11$ including sales tax.
    • if the price seems too high (are you retired? are you coming as a family of 3? are you younger than 18? are you a student?), please let us know and we will adjust it on individual basis
  • Which makes it be 10.05$ of price and 0.95$ of sales tax.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

[almost] Good to go

Some paperwork is still in progress, but: the first Forest Run will happen on August 27th, Bridle Trails State Park; we have preliminary approval from the ranger!

  • Start window: 3pm to 6:45pm. 
  • Distances: 6k&3k.
  • Work in progress:
    • insurance; FR is trying to become a member of O USA. 
    • We are working on registration
      • there will be some spots for day-of registrations, 
      • not sure how much though

Saturday, June 13, 2015

More progress

- We have chosen date for the first event: August 27th.
- We have sent an application to the ranger, waiting for comments back.
- We have a course design. 6k and 3k.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some progress with administrativia

Achievement unlocked

  • domain name is active now; redirecting to
  • Paypal business account registered. Great!


  • LLC documentation not yet there
  • Location permits pending


  • We will use O' USA insurance services
  • We will use for registration till a better system is set up.
    • A better system will likely be a custom webpage.
  • For results we will use winsplits.

Friday, June 5, 2015

This is how we roll

What will we do

Back home in Europe there exists a certain set of competitions for running in forests in evenings. Good time measurement for everyone, but a time window for starts. There is nothing similar here of a large scale. We will try to create this market in Greater Seattle.


This year we are trying to put on 3 of these open-window races; gather feedback; get understanding whether the market actually exists here as hoped for. If that works - more races to come next year.


We are currently looking for late August/September time-frame. However, park permitting is a potential blocker.


Domain name is secured; LLC registration is in progress.

Will you run it?

The target audience should be pretty much everyone who has some time to run from 3pm to dusk. We hope to keep the price of this small, comparable to a lunch.